Human Resources

Süvari's Basic Values

Main goal of Suvari, in line with the domestic and international growth targets of the Süvari, it is to create a human resource that adopts the vision and values of our company by supplying personnel in the potential to adopt the service and system strategy, to ensure their development and to prepare all of our personnel for the future of the Süvari.
To be able to serve the strategies of our company; We strive to provide timely and optimal human resources for all domestic and foreign organizations by using the optimum internal and external resources.
We pioneer our employees to act according to Süvari Core Values, aiming to create self-standard and standard training concepts, establish systems that will guide their careers, and monitor their performance for our newly recruited and existing personnel.
We conduct studies for the implementation of all Human Resources Systems established domestically in our overseas operations and take care to ensure that all employees in our company act in accordance with the principles of ethical rules and equal opportunity.
Our Human Resources perspective is focused on customer satisfaction and we aim to try to create a proactive approach and vision of all applications made for this purpose.

Having a Positive Vantage Point

We, regardless of the situation, behave calm, look constructive, do not bring negative discourses, seek solutions, focus on the benefit of the situation. We'il do our job. We always try to win people, we try to be "unifying". We know that smile is a great virtue for ız human büyük, we do not miss our lives.

To be trusted and Modest

We see ourselves as the business owner and do our work on time. What we're saying is consistent. We believe that complying with ethical rules in the workplace will make us virtuous. We prefer to apologize politely if necessary instead of making excuses. When we make our decisions, we give importance to the ideas of our team, we believe in ‘sincerity ğ in our communication with them, we try to establish in trust relationship. We know that being modest is glorifying us, and we do not to explain the things we do.

Being Respectful to People and the Environment

We believe that human beings and other beings are an object of existence, we establish empathy. We do not spare our ge greetings only from them. We have universal thinking. We believe that all kinds of waste (time, money, material, energy zaman) negatively affect both us and our future generations. We don't want things that are unpleasant for our friends. We think that it is a Et respect for human beings lem to convey what we know, to listen to them when they need it, without giving any reason.

Seeing our Customers as Friends

We see our customers, employees, suppliers and sector friends as the rightful owners of our organization. What kind of courtesy, sincerity and sensitivity we treat our friends who use our products, and treat them with other friendly owners who are affected by our business processes. We treat the people around us, make efforts to understand their needs, act on completion. We would like to make the ız Anatolian Culture ten and hospitality feel around us and the whole world, so we are happy to serve global our rightful friends.

Being Hardworking, Adding Value

We, in the name of the integrity of our Institution, work in a ır disciplined heyecan manner, with the excitement of the first day, without making a distinction, and we strive to do the best we can. We are constantly questioning and follow-up in order to do our best. We use time effectively with positive actions instead of wasting time with negatives. We try to add value to our team by developing ourselves and reflecting on our business.
Being Idealist
We're ideal. For this we continuously improve our business, we try to provide better service. We do our job on time and give feedback to those concerned. We do not hesitate to take responsibility for completing the deficiencies in our field. We work with the awareness that small wastes and expenses are the beginning of large wasted and uncontrollable expenses. We divide a part of our time for research and planning for the future of our team. We do not compromise our values.

Being Innovative

We believe that change is the necessity of development. We don't escape change, we plan how to adapt. We think about what is different from ordinary, we are happy to produce new ideas, we are happy to implement innovations in our business, products, sales approaches and management techniques. We search, read, consult. We act dynamic, we always prepare ourselves for the next step.

Being Compatible with the Team Work

We see the Süvari as a single team, with all our units and management team. We know that the success of our team will honor us, we keep team success ahead of our individual achievements. We believe that ideas can be different, but we need to act with a consensus on behalf of the organization. We know that teamwork comes from the ability to act together, for this, it is helpful and fair, it will consult, the team will eliminate the excuses, we will get solutions from our subordinates.

Being Confident and Helpful

We believe that being faithful is regulating the world of the people and the Hereafter and positively. We make plans and budgets to spend on them from the world, countries, people. We believe that this is a source of existence and a source of fertility for our future.

Recruitment Process

1997 after raising the quality and capacity of each day a little more Süvari, brand awareness in Turkey are aimed at improving its position in the world market. We are aware that "trained and qualified employees" are the most powerful and basic element that will enable us to achieve this goal. For this reason, we take care to choose candidates who will ensure the continuity of our growth by providing added value to the realization of our company targets, ensure the continuity of our company targets, be friendly, enthusiastic, open to learning and development, and provide the people with the culture and values of the company.
We keep the general applications of our candidates and applications submitted to our advertisements on the career sites we are a member of. In accordance with our position needs, we invite candidates with qualifications, training and experience to meet for the first time by human resources. Candidates who are successful in this process are invited to the second interview to meet with the manager / director of the related unit. The candidate may also be invited to the third interview if necessary.
We carry out a rigorous study to ensure that the most appropriate candidate is placed in the position by performing the Talent Test, Personality Inventory or exam applications which are in the framework of the qualifications required by the position.
Successful completion of the inventory applications of the candidates for reference checks and job offer is carried out by the Human Resources Officer. The starting date of the candidates who accept our job offer is decided together.

Career planning

Our career planning approach is to define the next position that our employee can reach and the positions that can be reached in the continuation of his career in this position, other career opportunities, the technical competence and behavioral competencies that he should have, the trainings to be taken for the next position and to support our employee in this context.
Believing that our executives who grow up within the company will have great contributions in the course of our successes, we offer bed and vertical career opportunities within the framework of performance indicators. In addition, our open positions are announced within the company and our employees are offered different career opportunities.
All of our employees are able to learn the qualifications, knowledge and experience required to move to a higher position from the position-based Terms of Reference prepared and know which issues to achieve to move to a higher position.
Stores defined for our stores are clearly specified in the Qualification Procedure for qualifications required for Manager or Expert positions. Career opportunities for these positions are supported by methods of inventory and exam applications. In the Regional Manager positions, Evaluation Center Practices are carried out with all these stages and career processes are supported with 6-month Training Programs.
The right to move to a higher position for our Head Office employees is realized through the experience, qualifications and performance indicators results. In cases where the transition is an executive and a superior position, Evaluation Center Practices are carried out.


In order to improve the knowledge, skills, behavior and attitudes of our employees in line with the future vision and goals of our company, it is aimed to determine the training and development activities, to realize its organization and to observe the development areas and to contribute to the future of the institution.
First of all the personnel trained in our company,
»Our Values
»Our Corporate Culture
»Our History
»Our Vision
»Our Future Goals
»We aim to learn our working principle.
The training unit at the Süvari serves 3 different groups for each employee to have equal information sharing.

Domestic Stores

Orientation program is created with the aim of ensuring that every staff member working in the Süvari stores will receive orientation training according to the position. Every employee must receive this training. In order to implement this program in every region, we are carrying out our own voluntary training and training with our Educator Store Managers.
An internal announcement is published for a new staff member. It is stated in the announcement which personnel will start to work in the store and in which store they will receive training. The Manager of our Training Store, which is mentioned in our announcement, calls our new colleague who will start to work by calling on the phone for the next day. The training is adjusted and transferred by our Manager in accordance with the position of our employee by adhering to the uygun Store Orientation Training Book. In our stores. At the end of the training, both our manager and the participant fill in the evaluation forms.
All of our Sales Consultants, who have been working for at least 8 months in our organization, should participate in the Satış Sales Consultant Training Program ız prepared for their first step in their career goals. Our Sales Consultants who are successful in this training are entitled to become Expert Sales Consultants.
As in our Sales Consultants, we need to successfully pass our "Store Management Information Program" to reach our store management, which is the first target of our specialist sales consultants.
Since the next step of our store managers is the Regional Manager, first of all, successfully completing our Management Skills Training and our Regional Manager Training Program lasting 6 months means taking their careers one step further.
As we leave the steps, our course does not end in the Regional Management. Our Regional Managers can reach the next step as Sales Director after the Regional Sales Coordinator with their success, attitude and rapid progress.

Overseas Stores

Every staff member who will be working in every new country added to the overseas market by the Süvari, goes through a 1-week orientation program. Afterwards, this program is transferred to each new friend by our Trainer Store Manager in the related country.
In-house or out-of-country Domestic and Overseas stores have a 6-month Management Trainee Program that targets a career and everyone can apply. In this way, the human resource needs that can occur from Turkey are also supported.
Each candidate who meets the criteria is learned from Ashgabat and Store Management from A to Z in a theoretical, practical and practical way, supported by online training. 35% of our theoretical and 65% of practical and practical training at the end of this training our friends who are successful in the appropriate countries or cities in the most appropriate position to be appointed by the proxy for 6 months. At the end of their performance for 6 months, the main task notifications are specified.


We also have orientation training for each new employee who has joined us. Moreover, we have a comprehensive process that is not only in the building but also in the stores.
Position-based training schedules are created for each employee with the needs analysis conducted at the end of the year and the competency maps formed. The calendars are grouped under 3 main headings.
" Personal evolution
" Professional development
»Administrative Development
These trainings are held either as indoor, outdoor or e-learning.

Wage Management and Social Facilities

Based on the market wage surveys, we arrange our employees' remuneration based on the principle of ücret total income in the market average Piyasa. We also provide variable remuneration in the total revenue package. However;
»Dining Hall (Lunch Service)
»Beverage areas
»Staff Service (for European side of Istanbul)
»Company vehicle, mobile phone line, notebook and mobile internet access (position based variability)
»Company Doctor
»Open buffet breakfast on Mondays
»LCD TVs on the office floors allow you to follow the agenda.
»Our working hours are 5 days for week and 08:00 to 18:00.